Crisis Management combined with a little anti-Semitism is grounds to bury a Movie.

Dec. 14, 2006 – The controversy is over the new Warner Bros. big budget film; “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and a starring, but missing from the rave reviews he deserves, Djimon Hounsou. In the very beginning of the movie, the film makers explain and point out visually who the bad guys of the film are. They show a generic wealthy European man, who buys and sells conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds are roughly translated to mean: People are losing their lives for them, and the diamonds cause the region to be in conflict and at war over. While they are pointing out the bad guys of the film, they cut briefly to an orthodox Jew identified by a long white beard and head covering (yarmulke), wearing a white shirt and black pants. Then they continue to show the bad guys lying to an international commission on conflict diamonds.

Why flash the anti-Semitism at all? It has nothing to do with the movie, and serves no purpose whatsoever. If they could cut out the nudity and sex scenes of Leonardo and Jennifer, why not cut the second of anti-Semitism out as well? The film maker’s Ed Zwick and Warner Brothers, conveniently change the names of the real life bad guys and the company’s who deal in conflict diamonds, but there is no way to change the unmistakable identity of an orthodox Jewish man, which causes an un-needed and gratuitous hatred for the whole race. By being brief in what they show, its almost as if it is dishing the moviegoer, anti-Semitism and hatred subliminally.

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Rob Tencer

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