CWI Medical partners with MedicTag to provide innovative medical life saving device

Nov. 27, 2006 – FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK – CWI Medical LLC proudly announces its partnership with MedicTag LLC to provide a new, revolutionary device capable of storing emergency information such as identification, existing medical conditions, medications, doctors, surgeries and emergency contacts. MedicTag makes it very user friendly and this small, key size device inserts directly into a computer’s USB port for direct “plug and play”.

Medical bracelets, ID tags and jewelry are routinely looked for by EMS personnel and first responders to determine a patient’s special medical needs. MedicTag is establishing a leading presence within the industry because unlike the bracelets that offer just an alert of a medical condition, the new USB device will provide detailed emergency medical information about a patient, information that is essential to the rapid diagnosis and proper treatment of a patient in a life threatening situation.

The device is of particular value to first responders because they are able to insert the USB drive into any computer, many EMS units now have laptop computers in their vehicles, and immediately gain access to a person’s emergency information even if the patient is unconscious. Changes to the information stored on the device can be made quickly and easily, whenever necessary, allowing the information to be kept up to date by the user.

CWI Medical will be the main distributor of MedicTag in the state of New York. CWI Medical is a privately held company located in Farmingdale, New York that services and distributes medical supplies and health care products. For more information, visit the company’s website at


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