Cyclope-Series improves its Employee Surveillance software

Dec. 13, 2006 – Cyclope-Series is constantly improving and adding new market request oriented features to its products. In order to better fulfill the market requirements, Cyclope-Series has just released an improved version of its Employee Surveillance software.

With an expanding labour force, it’s very important to keep track of what’s really going on inside your corporation. Managing and tracking employee productivity can lead to problems for many organisations. With the help of Cyclope Employee Surveillance, management can now comprehensively tackle these issues to increase employee control and boost employee productivity.

Cyclope Employee Surveillance is an employee surveillance and network monitoring system, designed to inform and equip management with detailed statistics and customized reports related to the productivity of staff within their organisation. Without sacrificing privacy, Cyclope Employee Surveillance monitors computer usage to ensure effective, productive personnel and stricter internet security, whilst highlighting particular areas of concern and inefficiency as they arise.

The information provided by the surveillance application empowers the manager to take the right decisions in order to regain the lost productivity and to be more competitive.

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