Darkpostprofits2bonus.com Launched Revolutionary Facebook Marketing and Lead Conversion Software

Darkpostprofits2bonus.com is a Facebook marketing and advertising tips portal owned and maintained by Chris Record, a seasoned social media marketing professional. Recently, Chris, the owner and webmaster of Darkpostprofits2bonus.com launched an FB marketing software application that bears the same name as the website itself. Chris Record has claimed that anybody can download and install Dark Post Profits and boost conversion rate of his or her website.
According to Chris, the FB marketing software contains no less than forty different modules, case studies and analytical demonstrations. He added that Facebook marketing may cost an arm and a leg for the small and mid-size business owners. However, if they just make a small investment in the highly effective software application, they can actually get high ROI in the long run. Dark Post Profits 2.0 software application, as the developer and owner has claimed, can work as a solid launchpad for Facebook marketing campaigns. He has mentioned that the software program facilitates customers to target a vast section of potential buyers. As the software program costs almost nothing, business owners can take this small step for taking their business to new heights every day.
“Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing tools that have ever existed. However, gathering leads is one thing and converting the leads into sales is a difficult thing altogether. My software program can be very beneficial in addressing the loopholes in Facebook marketing. Anybody can just download the software for a small price and kickstart their FB branding and marketing campaign. Paid traffic certainly takes a big role in boosting a site’s overall visibility and also leverage the sales figures in a short time”, claimed Chris Record during a recently held webinar.
According to Chris, the software program is easy to download from his website. He has also advised all his future users to read the terms and conditions and the fine prints, especially the payment disclaimer, before downloading the software application. “I want my dear patrons to take an informed decision. I would not mind if they thank me after getting results”, he said on a lighter note yesterday.
About the Company
Chris record represents Dark Post Profits 2.0, a social media marketing automation agency.
Visit website http://darkpostprofits2bonus.com/ to know more.