DebtCC launches Christmas Budgeting Forum

Dec. 22, 2006 – Debt Consolidation Care has launched Christmas Budgeting Forum this month. This is a transient part of the main DebtCC Forum and will remain live during the holiday season only.

The purpose of the forum is to offer a platform where community members can discuss various issues on Christmas Budgeting. Debt Consolidation Care community has proposed December to be the Month of Budgeting and Christmas Budgeting Forum is the outcome of that concept. Since holidays are right around the corner, the Christmas Budgeting forum has been given a Christmassy look.

“It has been noticed that unplanned spending habits during Christmas pushes people into debts” says Denny, the site admin, while inaugurating the forum. Hence community members have taken this forum as a financial tool and have started sharing ideas and resources there.

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