Defient Ent: The label Greg Calloway created from winning Lyor Cohen’s reality show, “The Biz.”

Dec. 4, 2006 – What do you know about Defient? Take Defiant which means to do whatever you want and mix it with Entertainment and you get DEFIENT. We’re not norm. Norm is no fun. Defient is a lifestyle, a movement. Being Bold, Trendsetting, Going Against the Grain. At Defient, Impossible is Nothing. How did Defient come about? A young entrepreneur named Greg Calloway with a mindset that he can do whatever he wants.

Greg’s first memory of music is coming home from kindergarten everyday and sitting in front of MTV until his favorite video aired, “Fight for your right to party,” by the Beastie Boys. Coincidentally, this is a very Defient video put out by Greg’s future mentors. When Greg hit middle school, his cousin was a rapper/dj. This was back in 94, 95, before everybody and their brother became a dj, producer, rapper, etc. At a young age, Greg was listening to classic records, producing mixtapes, and studying the business. When Greg graduated High School, he hooked up with a local millionaire and created Titanium Productions. Greg taught himself to be a master of Pro Tools. In addition he had a desire to make it in the industry. This kid did whatever. He sold a track within his first 2 weeks of shopping tracks with no prior experience or industry connections. Greg always gives credit where it’s due. The track was produced by Q Ledbetter. Greg also masterminded two big remixes on the mixtape scene, 1. 2pac feat. Young Buck (Produced by Q) / 2. Eazy E. Feat. Game (Produced by Red Spyda) There was a little controversy about the Eazy E remix that it made press on and in the National Publication Scratch Magazine and Element Magazine.

One day while reading Greg came across the press release for Dame Dash’s Ultimate Hustler Show. Greg said he had to try out because he knew he’d make it. Greg submitted his application, was called to NY, and made it as a Top 30 finalist. Greg is a very actions based person. He believes talk is cheap. He went ahead and bought the website, , to prove to them he was the ultimate hustler. He still owns it today. When producers got wind of it they took it the wrong way. Greg held his head up high and said this is why I’m the ultimate hustler, I own your website. They didn’t let him on the show, which turns out to be a blessing. Greg’s younger brother Chris, who is a very talented music producer, saw an ad for Lyor Cohen’s reality show, “The Biz.” Chris IM’d the info to Greg and 5 minutes later Greg responded with, “application sent.” So Greg tries out for Lyor’s reality show and not only makes it, but wins it. “It’s a dream to be working with Lyor and the whole Warner Music Group. Lyor is the man behind my first music memory and for everything to come full surface it feels like it’s meant to be. Defient is what Defiant means.” Since Greg has won the Biz he’s already made history. He set up Defient’s offices in his hometown of Springfield, VA, located in one of the richest counties in America, Fairfax . “I’m the same Greg…” Stay tuned and see what Defient does next. –

— End —