"Defy Death Now" (Live To Die Another Day), '14, Available Now on Amazon/Kindle, Authored by Dr Joseph S. Maresca, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

“Defy Death Now” (Live To Die Another Day) provides important clues on how to prolong life and avoid unnecessary deaths with simple precautions and life style changes (in some cases).

Bronxville, NY, May 03, 2015 –(PR.com)– Can you live a long, happy and healthy life?” Defy Death Now” (Live To Die Another Day) by Dr. Joseph S Maresca is about avoidable deaths which occur every day. The characters are fictional to protect the real identities of people who have suffered through similar experiences. The purpose of this book is to provide patients with quality information to protect themselves and their families against potentially avoidable deaths.

Here, the author explains how an early correct diagnosis and treatment can prevent the health of patients from deteriorating to the point where the death cycle becomes irreversible. Dr. Joseph S. Maresca is a Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon with over 1910 reviews and 12,900+ affirmative votes on his reviews. He has written 26 ebooks for Amazon/Kindle.
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