Despite False Rumors Merchants Barter Exchange’s Reputation Is Stronger Then Ever

Dec. 22, 2006 – In a bold response to an ongoing wave of fictitious rumors manifested by a terminated marketing employee, Merchants Barter Exchange (MBE) decided to add a new informational page called “MBE News” located at The news spread like wild fire catching high visibility on search engines and news sites. MBE’s inbound prospects elevated by 10% with a combination of increased website traffic and calls from prospects interested in joining the company. There was also recent interest in developing a corporate division for Fortune 1000 companies. Employees from other barter companies have been pursuing MBE for job openings a percentage with over a 40% increase

“MBE’s member’s are loyal and want to be informed of our companies progress.
We were very pleased with the publics and press’s reaction to our websites new informational section. There was a major increase in new potential members calling in to join, “ said Steve Bolles, President of Merchants Barter Exchange.

Open communication, honesty, and creativity are what MBE conveys towards its members and the public’s perception is a reflection of the company’s long-standing success. The bartering companies continued growth is interlocked with the strength of its reputation. This is clear by the positive reaction they have experienced since the launch of “MBE News.”

Merchants Barter Exchange will always follow the highest practice of business ethics. They will not go after other barter companies members, which is a common practice in the industry.
MBE’s general rule is to never let veteran traders of other exchanges join because they bring their bad habits with them. The company understands and is effectively utilizing the powerful combination of barter and the Internet as it has further expanded to licensing. Merchants Barter Exchange is just beginning to hit its stride in sharing their innovation with the public. MBE continues to ad new offices nationwide, all with the same commitment to quality.

Scranton, PA Merchants Barter Exchange of Pennsylvania is rolling out a new member based referral program to ensure their high level of quality members. MBE values their members and rewards them for their loyalty with $200 in trade for every new member they sponsor into the exchange. Members must be in good standing and should only sponsor a business they know to be fair and honest. The few members who belonged to another exchange that MBE accepts must first show they are willing to trade the right way.

“They gave me a hard time at first because I did barter with another company, but when I proved I would treat barter members the same as cash customers, they allowed me to purchase a vast array of items for my business. I actually got printing and office supplies on trade for the same price as cash!’ – Justin R. Mobile AdPro

Merchants Barter Exchange began in 2000. Since then, the company has proven a six-year reputation of success, and in 2004 expanded into franchising. By using barter, you can generate significant new business while you conserve cash and clear out excess time, inventory, or capacity. Our motto is 100% trade, 100% of the time. Barter exchange eliminates the drawback of traditional one-to-one bartering. You can obtain goods or services from a member company even if they have no need for your goods or services. Unlike regional exchanges, Merchants Barter Exchange is national in scope, providing their members many more opportunities to trade. Members conduct their transactions with 100% Trade Dollars, and charge Trade Dollar prices equivalent to cash prices. This supports the value of the Trade Dollar and enables a solid exchange for both the buyer and seller.


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