Did Saddam And George Bush Make Millions Together In Secret Texaco Oil Deals?

Nov. 19, 2006 – Colonel Russell Bowen served the U.S. Army with distinction for over 20 years before he retired. One of his most memorable assignments was as the U.S. Army’s special attache to CIA Director George H. Bush. He wrote about his duties in a shocking and explosive book that suggests the Bush family did oil business with the Saddam Hussein family to the tune of hudreds of millions of dollars. He even says the now defunct Texaco Oil Company was involved but had to get it’s bankruptcy court records sealed by the U.S. Supreme Court when a U.S. Congressman caught wind of things and opened an investigation. Every American needs to read this book so they can understand why candidates spend $40 million to get elected to a job that only pays a $200,000 annual salary. IMMACULATE DECEPTIION by Russell Bowen is the book and for more related info check out http://openpr.com/news/12731/Why-The-Bush-Family-Needs-Saddam-Hussein-Executed-And-Soon.html
so you can understand why there is a big rush to execute Saddam Hussein. Georghe Bush and the mafia agree on one thing for sure – The best witness is a dead witness. And for more insight to the Bush’s business dealings with General Noriega, see the video “The Panama Deception” and read for CIA Agent Gene Tatum’s book “The Tatum Chronicles”.

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