Disabled Hurricane Katrina Survivor / Dancer performs in Off Broadway Katrina play

Dec. 29, 2006 – Baltimore, Maryland December 29, 2006—Tiara a former New Orleans resident and survivor from hurricane Katrina now relocated back in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland has been pegged for a role in the off Broadway production that is touring in Baltimore from January 19th To January 21st at the Rognel Heights Cultural Center located at 1200 Wicklow Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21229-1548. Said Tiara “I am happy to be back up on stage doing what I love, dancing and acting.” The show times are 1/19/07 Friday 8 PM, 1/20/07 Saturday 1 PM “Special Youth show” reduced cost tickets for under 18, 1/20/07 Saturday 8 PM 1/21/07 Sunday 4 PM Special Dinner Theater/Fundraiser Tickets $50. Tickets can be purchased at www.theatermania.com or by calling 866-811-4111 Ticket prices $20 To $30 except on 1/20/07, Special Youth rates at 1 PM show and dinner show on 1/21/07. Groups call 917 716-6635.

Tiara attended the Baltimore School for the Arts and did a summer stint at New York City’s Alvin Ailey Summer Institute. She was brutally shot twice in 2004 in a domestic violence incident and suffered a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the upper waist down and confined to a wheelchair. One year later in 2005 she had to deal with the hurricane Katrina disaster and the lack of proper government response to it. After evacuating their home in New Orleans, she and her mother Cynthia were forced to separate from her father and her son Isaiah and resigned to live in shelters in Baton Rogue. They finally were able to get out of Louisiana and be reunited in Baltimore. Tiara’s supportive family has helped her endure these traumatic times. Emmitt Thrower the writer/producer/director/actor who cast Tiara is himself also disabled and a survivor of a brain stem stroke he suffered in 2001. He was wheelchair bound, unable to stand, speak, walk, eat, and eventually lost vision in his left eye. He fought back and was able to overcome his disabilities and again learn to walk, speak and become independent again. He then started his Non Profit Production Company Wabi Sabi Productions in 2005. It is based out of New York City. He also performs in the show. The music is written and performed by Harlem based Rap/Activist “Shakka” whose family is from Baton Rogue.

Katrina : A Whole Lotta Water explores the emotional, psychological, human rights, race, class, and gender issues affecting hurricane Katrina survivors. It is hoped that this play will keep them in the spotlight as this human drama continues to unfold in the gulf coast area. The play brings it all home straight to the heart, and that is the hope and intent of its creators.

Sitawi Jahi, the President and CEO of the Baltimore based Movements Unlimited Performing Arts Company and the co-producer of the Baltimore show, just returned home to Maryland from his first visit back to New Orleans since evacuating because of hurricane Katrina in 2005. He was disheartened by the lack of progress in returning former residents and families back home to rebuild. He stated ” I am saddened by seeing so many people on the streets riding bikes just talking to themselves.They are emotionally bankrupt. It’s bad”. He said. “People are in dire need of help. The horrors of the devastation from Katrina is still there. It is unbelievable. There is no signs of a city recovering as of yet.”

about Wabi Sabi Productions Inc

Wabi Sabi Production Inc. is a Not For profit corporation established in march 2005. It has a fiscal sponsor in Fractured Atlas. It is located in the Bronx NY and produces mostly out of Manhattan. They produce shows/videos/events and performances dealing with social, health and political community issues.

Website: www.wabisabiproductions.com

About Movements Unlimited Performing Arts Company Inc.

A non-profit 501 (c)3 Corporation. Their management team has over 60 years of operating experience in youth development. Movement Unlimited operates several programs in urban markets in the United States including New Orleans. Sitawi Kiongozi Jahi the President and his wife Cynthia Jasari Williams-Jahi the Founder are unique in that they themselves are former New Orleans residents and survivors of the hurricane Katrina disaster.

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