Discount Auto Insurance for Pay-Per-Mile Coverage Added to National Quotation System Online

Drivers in the U.S. can now find different plans of coverage priced by insurers that take into account the frequency of miles driven each year. The Quotes Pros company is now helping motorists to locate discount auto insurance for pay-per-mile coverage that is offered by select companies at
Paying an insurance company based on miles traveled daily, weekly or monthly is a new form of consumer coverage that is now taking hold nationally. Companies like Progressive have announced Snapshot that takes into consideration the places motorists travel to help determine costs for coverage. These pay-per-mile plans are now available to quote online.
“Paying less for a regular policy is possible for a driver who is able to convince an insurer that a vehicle is used for a limited time each month,” said one Quotes Pros source.
While general quotations are available for this new type of coverage, some insurers provide a GPS for a covered vehicle once a policy is paid for by a consumer. Apart from limited vehicle use coverage, the Quotes Pros website continues to allow searches for rates tied to collector, broad and full coverage car insurance.
“There are many partners inside of our database that are allowing the public to find almost any type of requested coverage in the U.S.,” said the source.
The Quotes Pros company is taking measures to provide additional search solutions to consumers in 2015. The health and home insurance providers list that is searchable now includes more providers on the West Coast in the system at
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