Discover Hidden Gold in Manufacturing Supply Chains with Free How to Guide

Dec. 19, 2006 – (Dallas, USA) – To enable the electronics supply chain to be more efficiently managed through the sales process, DataForceCRM is offering a newly developed free guide “Managing Your Supply Chain from a Sales Perspective”. This guide presents a thorough step by step tutorial on how to easily solve communication and collaboration problems throughout the sales channel. Armed with this guide it is easy to quickly identify bottlenecks as well as potential solutions.

Electronic component manufacturers are fighting hard to compete in the current marketplace and are demanding more and more reporting from their direct sales, manufacturers’ reps and distributors. Sales data such as new business opportunities, design win information, and forecasts are super critical for planning. Gathering this data from multiple participants in the sales channel is time consuming, often inaccurate and almost never complete. Current attempts to collect this information are not only costly but not very effective. The DataForceCRM guide covers how to deploy a complete electronics sales channel communication and collaboration system with the following benefits:

Accurate sales data is current and available to all users.

The forecasting challenge is solved with complete, accurate and easy to use information flow.

Sales demand is accurately measured based on new business opportunity data that is easily reported from reps and distributors.

Pipelines are real-time and complete, thereby ending multiple spreadsheet reports

All new leads, sample requests and new business opportunities can be assigned to the correct salesperson quickly.

Rest-of-World, the large untapped market that is difficult to track can be effectively worked through channel partners.

The guide also lists various tools that can be used to automate the electronics sales channel quickly. Included are on-line sales tools that specifically apply to the electronics sales organizations needs.

Current software systems and technology have not kept up with the expansion and complexity in the electronics supply chain. Effective sales organizations need agile tools to enable sales and the DataForceCRM guide is a good enabler to that end.

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DataForceCRM (www.dataforcecrm) is an online provider of sales channel automation tools focusing on sales enablement for electronics and industrial sales channels. The DataForceCRM Electronics Edition can be viewed here:

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