Dispute at the ‘Advertisement Management’

Dec. 20, 2006 – On the 30th of November the plenary session ‘Company promotion and/or the promotion of its products – how to highlight communicative key points and to distribute the advertising budget’ was held in the context of the ‘Advertisement Management’ conference. The conference was organized by the Grebennikov Publishing House (Moscow, Russia). Heated dispute at the session was caused by the presentation of the “Zarkin and Partners” Branding Agency founder Gene Zarkin, who have a lecture on the topic of ‘How to create brand that gets real results’.

Gene Zarkin’s performance provoked an exciting discussion and a number of questions from the session’s participants. The reason for that was that the marketing technology which ‘Zarkin and Partners’ company works by is not typical for advertising agencies.

A special interest and arguments were induced by the issue of different approaches that were used to promote Ralf Ringer shoes on the Russian market during last 5 years.

— End —