DormCo Offers New Security Ideas for College Students

DormCo presents new dorm security tips on how to keep college students and dorm essentials safe while away at college.

Buffalo, NY, August 14, 2015 –(– One of the things college students have to keep in mind while dorm room shopping for dorm essentials is dorm security and dorm safety. The college student is going to want and need dorm security items to protect both the college student and college supplies while walking on campus and while away from the dorm room. Dorm security and safety dorm essentials are college supplies that are good to have to be safe and preventative right from the start of college.

1 – Dorm Safe – There are plenty of options for dorm safes for college dorm rooms. There are small diversion dorm safes that look like water bottles or pop cans that the college student can even keep right in the dorm mini-fridge. These dorm necessities look exactly like the pop can or water bottle so that no one would suspect there were valuables inside. Other than those smaller dorm safes, there are also larger dorm safes that can hold a tablet, jewelry, passport, credit cards and other slightly larger college supplies.

2 – Dorm Curtains or Privacy Blinds – College dorm rooms come with blinds but those blinds are going to be a little flimsy and not offer as much privacy as the college student wants in the college dorm room. There are a couple options for extra privacy. The college student can put up dorm curtains or if the college has regulations against curtains, the college student can also put up blackout panels that are safe for dorm room windows and are Peel and Stick.

3 – Computer Anchor Locks or Laptop Safe – This is an important college supplies item the college student should make sure is in the dorm room. When the college student is in class or at work, one thing the college student will want to do is make sure college supplies in the dorm room are going to stay in the dorm room. The Anchor Locking System and Laptop safe safely attach the computer or laptop to an immovable object such as the dorm desk, ensuring that this expensive electronic stays in the dorm room.

4 – Slash Proof Bags – It isn’t just in the dorm room that the college student needs to protect expensive electronics such as a laptop or tablet. The college student will also want to make sure those dorm items are protected when walking to and from class. This dorm bag is also great for traveling and has a slash proof handle and is also RFID blocking so the college student’s identity is also protected from electronic theft.

5 – Personal Alarm – College students shouldn’t go to college without this dorm item. It is small and compact to easily fit on a key chain. This dorm alarm has an incredibly loud alarm that is similar to the loudness of an Ambulance siren to draw attention to the situation safely.

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