Due to popular demand People Art Competition submission deadline has been extended till 01.31.07.

Dec. 11, 2006 – Beverly Hills, California, December 11th 2006, Cultural Competitions announce schedule change in People’s Art Competition. The interest generated by People’s Art Competition, Favorite United States Artist and Favorite International Artist competitions has exceeded our expectations. To accommodate the many artists who have expressed interest, we have made the following schedule changes: the art submission deadline has been extended till January 31st 2007. Three finalists will be declared on February 20th 2007. People’s Art Award Ceremony is scheduled for March 2007.
The winner will be declared by a panel of 4 jurors consisting of representatives of different branches of culture and a Major Hollywood Celebrity. (The jurors will contribute their opinions and declare the winner; they won’t have any input into the competition’s outcome. Votes cast by the public will be the SOLE criterion deciding the outcome of each competition.) There will be three finalists; two of whom will receive People’s Art Award Recognition Certificates and one, in addition to People’s Art Award Certificate, a $1,000.00 Cash Prize.
Availability of finalists – IN PERSON – for the Award ceremony is REQUIRED. The finalists will be invited to participate in an art exhibit which will be held following the ceremony. For the latter reason, the Art Competition is designed primarily for Los Angeles artists; although United States artists willing to travel with their artwork may participate as well. (United States and International Artists are welcome to participate in our Favorite Artists competitions which provide a rare and much needed venue for American and International Artists to showcase their work, free of charge.)
Cultural Competitions hold People’s Art Competition, People’s Literary Competition, People’s Favorite Live Theatre and People’s Favorite Music Competition, annually. There are three features that set Cultural Competitions apart from similar events held world over. First, our competitions exclude mass culture. Second, we welcome ALL artists including aspiring, struggling, emerging, self-taught and starving artists. (All contest entries are free and Cultural Competitions don’t care about the background and credentials of participants but about the art they create!) Third, cultural standards are ultimately shaped by the public and not by the “experts”. That’s why even though each Cultural Competition will have an Honorary Jury consisting of representatives of various branches of culture and a Major Hollywood Celebrity; the final outcome of each will be determined by the popular vote of the public. (We are talking here about organic, live and interactive culture; about people creating their own celebrities!) Even though Cultural Competitions have been designed primarily with Los Angeles artists, writers, musicians and live theatres in mind, we provide a showcase and opportunities to United States and International creative community members as well!
The goal of Cultural Competitions is to become a bridge between the creative community and its audiences. To enable new artists to introduce themselves to the public and media, win an Award (yes, the recipient of the first prize in each Cultural Competition will win a $1,000.00 Cash Prize), have an opportunity to sell their work and ultimately, launch their careers.
We want to alert the public to the opportunity to participate. We want to invite Los Angeles artists, writers and musicians as well as cultural organizations in Los Angeles County to familiarize themselves with Cultural Competitions and take advantage of the opportunities they offer. In L.A. Metro keep your eyes open for the official publication of Cultural Competitions “Cultural Events in Los Angeles”. We’re welcoming you to visit: www.CulturalCompetitions.com and www.CulturalEventsInLosAngeles.com for additional information.
Cultural Competitions – the publisher of “Cultural Events in Los Angeles” – organize four Cultural Competitions (People’s Art Competition, People’s Literary Competition, People’s Favorite Live Theatre Competition and People’s Favorite Music Competition) a year. The competitions (www.CulturalCompetitions.com) are designed primarily for Los Angeles artists and cultural organizations that feature live performances. The goal of Cultural Competitions is to generate popular support for up and coming talent and to introduce people’s favorite artists and cultural organizations to the media.

— End —