Duo Develops Software to Reset 60-Million PC Clocks

Dec. 4, 2006 – An estimated 60-Million home and small business PC computers will no longer be able to keep accurate time as of March, 2007 according to the folks at DST-Update© . It’s all because of the new changes in Daylight Saving Time moving from April and October, to March and November.

DST-Update is the brain child of Peter Egeler, of LaFollete, TN, and Christopher S. Zak, Sr., of Port Richey, FL who decided that they needed to come up with a way to help those folks using older Microsoft© Operating Systems on their computers.

After discussing the affect the new time changes would have on computers, Zak went to work on the problem.

“A little research showed me that just about anyone with an OS older than XP Service Pak 2 wouldn’t be getting an update from Microsoft,’ said Zak. “So, I’ve put together a software “fix” that covers all systems from Windows 95 through Microsoft© XP® Service Pack 1.”

Zak put his programming knowledge to work, and after a few weeks work, DST-Update was born.

While Zak worked on the programming end of the project, Egeler hit the Internet and began researching their prospective market for the DST-Update© .

“Most folks likely warmed to the change in Daylight Saving Time, which added more daylight hours,’ said Egeler. ‘But, for many of us, it meant we’d have to remember to manually change our computer clocks four times a year. I think we’ve got a handle on it now.”

According to Zak, “All a user will have to do is download the DST-Update© and click a button to re-program their clock. They won’t need any technical background at all.”

DST-Update will work for any PC used anywhere Daylight Savings Time is observed.

The software is available at http://www.dst-update.com

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