Dutch and Belgian Investors’ Syndicate ready to lead the World Bio-Methanol Production

Dec. 26, 2006 – A syndicate of Belgian and Dutch investors is said to have acquired a methanol plant in the Netherlands. The consortium intends to convert it into the first bio-methanol plant in the world, which will produce one billion liters of green petrol every year.

The plant in Delfzijl – Northeast of Netherlands from DSM, Dynea, and Akzo Nobel – has been acquired by the investors namely BioMethanol Chemie Holding. A few months back this plant was pulled out of production, due to stiff competition from oil producing countries that make use of their superfluous natural gas for producing inexpensive fossil methanol.

In the coming months, necessary changes would be made and then the plant would start exclusive production of bio-methanol. This plant would be the first bio-methanol plant in the world with substantial capacity, as per the CEO of BioMethanol Chemie Paul Hamm.

The plant will make use of an innovative and highly efficient process for making bio-methanol through glycerin, an offshoot of bio-diesel, which is also a sort of renewable green fuel derived from oil containing plants.

Expressing his views on this subject a research analyst at RNCOS, who has recently done a report named “Biofuel Market Worldwide (2006)”, said, “There’s a great demand for production of biofuel. Since, it’s a better, economical, and no doubt more environment friendly way of adding bio-components than ethanol’s usage. And, Dutch could poise a big challenge before other countries by augmenting its biofuel production.”

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