Dutch author speaks out after terrorist plot conviction of 4 Dutch Muslims

Dec. 5, 2006 – South America (TheHotStory PR), Dec 5, 2006 – Given the recent conviction of 4 Dutch Muslims of planning terrorist attacks, the newly released book, The Invisible Invasion, by Dutch author, W.G. Van Dorian, fashioned after his own experience, brings to light an issue that concerns us all. The plot centers around an extremist group, known as The Radicals, who plan and implement international terrorist attacks, as part of an insidious global takeover.

What is scary about this ‘fictional’ novel is that Van Dorian has based his writing on his own true life experiences. He practiced criminal law in the Netherlands for a number of years. The majority of his clients were accused of terrorist acts.

After reading of the recent conviction of the 4 Dutch Muslims for planning terrorist acts, Van Dorian had this to say “The statement made by Samir Azzouz to judges ‘We reject your system. We hate you. I guess that about sums it up.’ is an excellent example of the kinds of things I heard. Some of them are lines people only imagine in movies. It is indicative of what the future holds. It confirms what my new book, predicts in ten years from now.”

Van Dorian says he often asks himself: ‘Why do these “people” (or animals as I think of them) want to live in countries with a system and culture “they hate and reject”? The only possible explanation I can think of (and I heard this from themselves no less!) is that they are the victims of an extremely aggressive religion that forces them, as it forces everyone, to go to countries they hate to eventually take over, with violence if need be if there are enough of them. Kill any freedom there is in these countries, especially that freedom that questions this religion, such as freedom of speech.

Van Dorian feels that left-wing ethnic Dutch and Europeans are so incredibly naïve (or maybe they are collaborators) that they join the fight of killing freedom of speech whenever an ethnic or non-ethnic European opens their mouth about Islam by stating he’s a fascist and a racist. These people, he continues, are the real traitors.

But most of all, he is sad to realize that his fiction thriller is not that much of a fiction anymore. It’s just a time tunnel, waiting for the right time until the events in the book will take place.

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