e-Bay Seller to Auction PlayStation 3 System for $1

Nov. 24, 2006 – VERNON, BRITISH COLUMBIA — On Ouchs could’ve stood in line for hours to get his 60-gigabyte PlayStation 3 on Nov. 16th, the eve of the gaming system’s much hyped launch on Nov. 17th. But, he didn’t.

Instead, he paid someone $750 Canadian for a guaranteed spot in line to purchase the hottest gaming system available this holiday season.

Sony released only 400,000 of the units in North America.

Now, Ouchs wants to auction the still-packaged PlayStation 3 console, two games and extra wireless controller — retail valued from $700-$1000 USD — for a mere dollar on eBay, even as other eBay sellers are turning large profits on their PS3 sales.

Why? “Because I am a nice guy,” Ouchs says. “And because I want to go down in history, and maybe get to appear on Jay Leno.”

The auction will run via Ouchs’ eBay store between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The buy-it-now price will be $1. For an unreleased period, the auction will be shielded from any bids through eBay‘s pre-qualified bidder process.

Prospective bidders who want to hit the buy-it-now button on eBay, purchasing the system, must first go to Ouchs’ Web site http://www.onedollarplaystation3.com and explain why they should be on Santa’s Good List for the year.

Sometime before Christmas, Ouchs plans to open the buy-it-now feature up to all bidders deemed worthy by the jolly-old bearded one, himself.

At that point, the auction will go quickly, selling to the first bidder who notices the auction is no longer being pre-screened.

“It’ll be fun and exciting,” Ouchs said. “In the end, somebody is going to be getting a great deal.”

He expects the auction to experience a high level of watchers and possibly be one of the largest eBay auctions ever, given the high public demand for the gaming consoles this season. If he is able to raise the funds, Ouchs wants to make the special delivery himself.

“I want to be able to hand deliver this system to the winning bidder and see the smile on their face,” he said.

For more information, visit http://www.onedollarplaystation3.com. The link to the auction will be posted on the site.


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