Earth Day Should be Everyday – HydroDynamicsHHO & ECO Fuel Systems, LLC Are Working to Help the Public Reduce Carbon Pollution, Cancer, Asthma

It is time for the public to act! Trucks and automobiles are major contributors to Greenhouse Gases that is polluting our environment.

West Palm Beach, FL, April 23, 2015 –(– Un-burnt fuel from diesel engines create over 22 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per gallon of diesel, gasoline produces over 19 pounds of pollution per gallon of gas.

Much has changed over the last 10 years, today the public, governments, and businesses all recognize a need to reduce the hydrocarbons that affect the environment and our population.

A few simple acts or modifications could make a substantial difference if people would act instead of waiting until it is too late. Hydrogen gas is slowly being implemented into the auto industry. There are a few aftermarket products that can help reduce Hydrocarbon Pollution 70% or more.

A good Hydrogen Booster added to a gas or diesel engine can help reduce a vehicles carbon footprint 90% or more. It requires maintenance, most people do not want extra work despite saving +.-50% in fuel consumption.

A product that has been around for over 10 years, the ECOFuelMaximizer can without any chemicals or maintenance reduce an engines carbon footprint 40% to over 70%.

Since 1999 the associates of ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc have been working to find solutions to help our planet reduce pollution and save fuel. If the public, businesses or governments are interested in a low cost long term solution to reducing pollution email or call for advice on the latest solutions.

Go Green-Burn Clean!
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