East Liverpool, OH, Residents Win Friskies’ Award for Cat and Baby Video to Become SweepstakesToday.com’s newest 10K Club Winner

Ryan and Annie Boso of E. Liverpool, OH, become SweeptstakesToday.com10K Club Winners with their baby and cat video award from Friskies’
Ryan and Annie Boso were notified they were winners in the Res-Cute division Friskies’ Best Cat Video Competition. The couple entered their video, Cat and Baby Play Peekabo, through SweepstakesToday.com. The term ‘Res-Cute’ is a play on the fact that the company has donated more than a quarter-million cans of cat food and $20,000 to cat rescue organizations and shelters around the country.
The contest, run by Purina Friskies’ brand of cat food, was staged to surface the very best of this year’s almost infinite number of cat video’s available on the Internet.
The wining video features 9-month-old Joy Boso looking for Howie, the family’s 2-year-old black-and-white cat. When she finds him, Howie proceeds to tease her with his paw.
You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btLVnVykAbU&list=PLHZZojDg7cOABPDIGrP67X1FeNQUNLvSG&index=4
The video was chosen by vote from some 2,000 videos submitted to the contest, it was reported. This is the first video sweepstakes the Boso’s have ever entered, they said.
In addition to a ‘cat-u-ette,’ which Ryan calls his ‘A-cat-emy’ award, the couple won $5,000 in cash, which put them well into SweepstakesToday.com’s prestigious 10K club, limited to members of the always free site who win cash and prizes totaling $10,000 and more.
Ryan, a stay-at-home dad, does most of the sweepstakes entering in the family. He’s been sweeping since 2005 and discovered SweepstakesToday in 2008. Asked what he liked about the site, he said in an interview today, he said, “It’s easy to use and I can trust that the sweepstakes listed have been checked for authenticity.”
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