Easy Pay Solutions Launches New Guide on Patient Payments from the Patients' Perspective

Chicago, IL, July 31, 2015 –(PR.com)– Easy Pay Solutions, Inc. (www.easypaycollect.com) released a new guide this week highlighting a unique perspective of the patient payments landscape: that of the patient. The guide sheds light on the patients as the new healthcare consumer, while giving insights into what motivates these consumers and what their preferences are when it comes to making bill payments.

Easy Pay hopes this guide will help healthcare providers understand how the financial experience in healthcare has evolved and what strategies need to be put into place in order to maintain successful patient collections. The guide emphasizes the three pillars of patient collections as they exist today: Price Transparency, Convenience, and Security. With collection efforts modeled off of these guiding principles, providers can assure they effectively manage the patient receivables portion of their total revenue.

Healthcare is more complex today than ever before, and as a result, a shift in the way providers think about patient billing strategies is imperative. To operate a successful healthcare business, aligning operations with the preferences of patients will guide these billing strategies.

Access the guide at www.easypaycollect.com/ultimate-guide-to-getting-paid

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Easy Pay Solutions, Inc. was formed by two former Visa employees with the mission of helping healthcare providers and organizations collect patient payments in a timely and cost effective way. The Easy Pay solution consists of a card on file software system that enables easy patient financial transactions, as well as training and best practices to help practice managers and staff collect from patients in a patient-friendly way. Their solution is used in thousands of healthcare organizations across the country.
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