EasyCare, Inc. announces Winners in the 2006 $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest!

Dec. 21, 2006 – We are pleased to announce the list of winners in the 2006 EasyCare $10,000.00 Hoof Boot Contest which ended on November 30, 2006. These riders did a great job and worked really hard to achieve their successes and we’re really proud of them. They completed rides ranging from the Tevis Cup, the NSW State Championship 100 and 5 day 250 mile multiday rides like Bryce, Grand Canyon and Shahzada.

Placing Name Mileage Amount Won
1 Dave Rabe 1,715 $4,000.00
2 Becky Hackworth 875 $2,000.00
3 Sue Benson 575 $1,000.00
4 Carol Layton 500 $750.00
5 Joyce Stoffey 375 $650.00
6 Terry Banister 365 $550.00
7 Duncan McLaughlin 350 $450.00
8 Kerry Greear 310 $350.00
9 Corry Clinton 275 $150.00
10 Marilyn Weise 220 $100.00

Dave Rabe finished first in the contest two years in a row and has this to say about using boots on his now barefoot horses: “The Easyboot Epics and Bares that I used this year worked better than I ever imagined possible. They were excellent and worked really well for my horses. I had my shoer trim my horses every few weeks. This was way better for my horses, their hoof walls are stronger. The boots were a lot easier to use than I thought they would be and they held up extremely well. I never had any problem with the gaiters all year.

I thought the Bares were awesome, no worry about buckles. My horses travel just as well in the boots as they do with shoes on and they are much better off being barefoot. My horses are kept in a 10 acre pasture with some rocks and they do just as well barefoot as they did with shoes on. Thanks EasyCare for having the hoof boot contest! I think your boots are the best thing on the market by far and haven’t seen anything even close.”

Information on the 2007 Contest: EasyCare will award a total of $10,000 to the riders who complete the most American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) or Australian Endurance Rider Association (AERA) miles during the 2007 AERC ride season (Dec. 1–Nov. 30) using two or four EasyCare hoof boots. Throughout the year special promotions and discounts will be made available to those participating in the EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest. Entry forms and more information can be obtained at this link: http://www.easycareinc.com/Cool_Stuff/Contest.aspx

EasyCare, Inc. has been a leader in the hoof boot industry for years, beginning with the invention of the Easyboot back in the early 70’s. Since then, the need for boots has grown tremendously as more and more horse owners see the healthy advantages of pulling shoes and switching to natural hoof care. EasyCare is excited about being part of this growing trend. For more information about hoof boots or natural hoof care please call EasyCare, Inc. at 1-800-447-8836, e-mail: admin@easycareinc.com or visit our website at www.easycareinc.com.

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