Ecosmob Technologies Announces Appreciation Gathered for IP PBX Solution Development Services

Ecosmob Technologies announced the positive response they have received from their clients globally for their IP PBX solution development services globally.

Olympia, WA, August 18, 2015 –(– Ecosmob Technologies provides the custom design, development and deployment services for almost 8 years. The company has developed different solutions using the FreeSWITCH technology to suit the client’s working environment cost-effectively. One of such solutions is IP PBX [Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange] Software.

Ecosmob Technologies has reinforced the communication of many national and international clients by providing them the custom IP PBX solution. The IP PBX solution tremendously decreases the communication cost of any organization. No matter the communication is internal or external. Apart from the cost benefits of the IP PBX software, it also provides many advanced features to the organization. These features give a completely new professional appearance to the company.

The company offers a custom IP PBX software design, development, deployment as well as support services to their worldwide clients. This means that the customer can select the list of features he needs for his solution depends on his working environment and communication needs. Such flexible approach of the company has been admired by their clients and prospects and received a very positive response.

“We understand that the different organizations have different communication needs. A PBX solution has many features and it is obvious that all the organization might not need all of them. It is also obvious that the two different organizations may need the different PBX features. For example, a small business house might have completely different requirements than an MNC company. By keeping this variable nature of the business in mind, we have been providing the custom development services for the IP PBX,” revealed the spokesperson of the company.

The company’s spokesperson also added, “FreeSWITCH is a very scalable technology. It is very easy to add or remove the number of extensions or channels in the PBX developed using FreeSWITCH. It can also support a large number of concurrent calls with the same quality and durability which makes it a perfect fit for the companies which needs to handle huge call traffic. It is also very easy to add and remove the extra features in the existing PBX solution. We also provide the upgradation services for existing PBX software.”

The IP PBX removes the requirements of extra wiring and traditional bulky hardware. It not only reduces the cost of installation, but also makes it very easy to maintain. Moreover, the IP PBX software developed by the Ecosmob’s developers comes with an easy to use interface. This makes it very easy to operate. Such supple and easy to use software makes it most suitable for any organization.

The key features and benefits of the IP PBX solution provided by Ecosmob Technologies are accessible on this webpage:
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