Effective landing pages can vastly improve Adwords ROI

Nov. 3, 2006 – Google Adwords is one of the most popular methods to get targeted visitors to the web sites. However this can quickly become very expensive unless effective landing pages are employed to recover the Adwords investment by way of sales or leads. Mark Widawer, a qualified Adwords professional has released ‘Landing Page Cash Machines’ an ebook containing guidelines to setup landing pages that can convert the Adwords traffic into valuable leads or direct sales.

While most of the advertisers are too busy improving their clickthrough rates, dramatic improvements in ROI can be achieved by improving the conversion rate of the landing page reported Mark. While getting more traffic comes at a cost, improved page conversion increases sales without needing extra investment he added.

When the prospect sees and clicks on an ad, she builds certain expectations in her mind. After clicking, when she gets to see a continuation of the story, a fulfillment of the expectation, she keeps reading and may be accept the offer. However when there is a sharp transition, when she finds an entirely new pitch in the landing page or a plethora of distracting elements, she gets nervous and clicks away. You need to continue the experience for the visitor for her to take your desired action and therefore, the landing page must dwell on the same pitch that the ad offered suggested Arun Agrawal, owner of Ebizindia .

Here are some tips from the ebook that can improve your response rate-
Don’t send the visitor to the home page of your web site. You should specify the specific product page as the landing page.
The headline on the landing page should be a continuation or repetition of the ad text so that the visitor identifies with it and stays back to read more.

The ebook is full of such simple-to-implement tips and promises to help the reader recover the investment in the book within days.

About Landing Page Cash Machines:

Landing Page Cash Machines is an ebook by Mark Widawer, a qualified Adwords professional and carries specific tips to get the best out the of the landing pages so that the Adwords campaigns deliver high ROI for the advertiser. Click here for further details.

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