El Misti USA releases a web page on Peruvian Craft

Dec. 4, 2006 – The scope of the website www.elmisti.biz, comes with the purpose to promote the unique Peruvian crafts and at the same time help the artisans, with few resources, offer their products through the Internet.

This project was initiated with artisans of Arequipa, a city known for its cultural qualities.

The artisans show their creativity through the use of techniques inherited from their ancestors combined with the customs of the regions. This demonstrated in each of the designs of their products.

El Misti’s direction is to introduce additional products by artisans of other Regions from Peru. El Misti USA, is sure that the public will be impressed by their distinction.

El Misti strictly uses in its garment products (Sweaters, hats, shawls, ponchos) the best quality fabric, such as 100% Baby Alpaca wool.

There is also a diversity of handmade products, such as, jewelry made in sterling silver (950k), rugs hand knotted and woven on a loom, embroidery which depicts landscapes indigenous to the areas. Additionally, hand painted tablecloths and runners are offer.

El Misti is proud to offer an easy to navigate web site, plus it offers an informative background on the products, history, biography of the artisans and travel. This Web Site is available in English and Spanish.

Company Name: El Misti USA LLC
Contact: Justin Pisano
Tel: 201 5251900
Email: customerservices@elmisti.biz
Web Site: www.elmisti.biz

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