Eliademy Starts Delivering "Printed Certificates" for Online Courses

The e-learning platform Eliademy introduces a new functionality: the delivering of Printed Certificates to the students of online courses hosted on the platform. Printed Certificates are a tangible proof of the students’ newly-acquired skills and knowledge

Helsinki, Finland, May 04, 2015 –(PR.com)– CBTec Oy, maker of the e-learning platform Eliademy, today announced that students now have the opportunity to earn Printed Certificates for select online courses hosted on Eliademy. The certificates are available for a small cost and are delivered directly to the students’ home all over the world, within a few days after they order it.

“True believer in the mission of Eliademy and of MooC platforms, we created a simple service to cover their printing and certificate delivering needs. Classical certificate with forgery protection bridges yet another gap between online and offline education. We are human and we need tangible things,” says Vitaly Repin, CEO of Metida Print AB Oy, supplier of Eliademy’s certificates.

While Eliademy already offers students free online certificates, this new functionality aims at providing them with a more tangible proof of their accomplishment. It is therefore mostly useful for learners who want a proof that they have acquired new personal and professional skills, through an online course. Printed certificates will contain serial numbers, protected by watermarks and holographic technology and can be printed with the Providers Logo and original signature. All LinkedIn digital certificates and PDF versions will remain free for those who do not want or need a printed copy.

This new functionality is offered to all courses but it is up to the instructors to activate it in two clicks if they wish to give the opportunity to their students to earn a Printed Certificate at the end of their course.

“This is one more service offered to our global community of learners and teachers. In the future we will bring more ecosystem services in order to fully transform education into a pure digital service,” says Sotiris Makrygiannis, Founder of Eliademy.com

About CBTec Oy:

CBTec Oy is a social enterprise, with the mission to democratize education with technology. It wants to achieve measurable social impact while being a sustainable profitable business.

CBTec Oy was founded in Finland in 2012 by former Nokia employees with great expertise in IT. On February 11 2013, CBTec Oy launched the e-learning platform Eliademy. Since then, the start-up is growing and expanding quickly. In June 2014, CBTec Oy was named by EdTech Europe as one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing and most innovative e-learning companies. In February 2015, it was selected as finalist for the 2015 Edison Awards, category “Living, Working and Learning,” for which it won the Gold Award on April 23, 2015. For more information, visit Eliademy.com.
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