Email Compliance is Only a Click Away

Dec. 6, 2006 – Mississauga, Ontario – December 4, 2006 – Collaboration, content management, and compliance solutions are only a click away with metaLogic’s newly launched web site ( The site re-launch provides visitors with quick navigation, enhanced content, improved integration, and a private login for registered clients. The new site makes it easier to understand metaLogic’s product offerings and core competencies.

Navigation on metaLogic’s web site has been simplified to reduce the number of clicks required to get to the content of interest. We’ve also added a site-wide search capability to enhance visitors’ ability to locate one or more pages on any given topic.

Site content has been refreshed, expanded and re-organized to assist the visitor in getting quickly to the right information. Work to expand the content (breadth and depth) continues at a frenzied pace through the launch to the end of the year.

Applications exposed through the web site, FAQs for example, are now tightly integrated. This new level of integration provides a more seamless experience for users, avoiding the unnecessary opening and closing of multiple browser windows.

Finally, a new secure login for clients will provide a mechanism to distribute software releases, documentation updates, important notices, and electronic support services.

Bruce Grant, metaLogic’s President, believes that the new site will streamline operations, provide customers with improved support, and help prospective customers better understand metaLogic’s product and service offerings.

For more information please call Bruce Grant at 905.629.7775 x225, email at, or visit us on the web at

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