Enclosures for Extreme Environments and Ease of Wiring

Dec. 20, 2006 – The latest range of enclosures from Hawke International is designed to meet the exacting needs of the offshore, petrochemical and gas industries. Electricity in these industries is vital to production, but needs handling with great care in all situations. The potential mix of unprotected electrical equipment with hazardous explosive gasses, salt spray, persistent humidity and temperature extremes could pose dangers to life and process continuity.

Hawke International has made a speciality of producing cable glands and connectors for safe electrical connection and termination in these harsh environments. Likewise, their enclosure models are engineered to cope with harsh and hazardous conditions, but they are also designed for efficiency and productivity, with features that make them easy to install, wire, inspect and modify.

There are three models in the EZE enclosure range, permitting the termination of up to 60 cables depending on cable and gland/connector size. All models are based on an IP66 rated clam-shell enclosure in electro-polished grade 316L stainless steel, with cable entry through the base mounted gland plates.

The unique design gives a high degree of natural protection against water deluge systems. Sealing gaskets are protected from the elements and not exposed to degradation by chemicals or UV light. Secured by just two bolts, the lid hinges out of the way to give unobstructed access to wiring. Rail mounted terminals are installed spaced away from the back plate to allow under wiring. A range of conventional stainless steel terminal boxes which offer cable access from top side or base is also available.

Hawke’s PL6 and PL7 series GRP junction boxes meet the requirement for compact and robust enclosures for use in situations that are chemically or mechanically aggressive. These enclosures will withstand an impact force of 20Nm and have resistance to a wide spectrum of corrosive chemicals. A long-life captive silicone gasket gives IP66/67 environmental sealing performance. The GRP boxes borrow from the EZE range, the same internal fittings for ease and speed of wiring.

All Hawke enclosures have been tested and certified for safe use in potentially explosive environments. Enclosures are available suited to Zones 1, 2, 21, 22, with Baseffa certification for ATEX and IEC compliance and DTS01 deluge protection. Detailed technical specifications are given on the Hawke web site at http://www.ehawke.com/box_oview.htm.

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