Engineered Software, Inc. Releases PIPE-FLO Professional 2007

Dec. 13, 2006 – Lacey, Washington – Engineered Software, Inc., the leading provider of software used to design and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems, announced the release of its PIPE-FLO Professional 2007 program. The newly released version contains significant improvements from its last release, PIPE-FLO Professional 2005.

“The new PIPE-FLO Professional 2007 is the ideal tool for anyone who designs, builds, operates or maintains fluid piping systems,” said Ray Hardee, Vice President of Engineering at Engineered Software, Inc. “Our newest improvements in PIPE-FLO Professional, add yet another level of compatibility and integration with our customers current business processes.”

Key enhancements made to the newest release of PIPE-FLO Professional include new visual features such as, the option of creating piping system models as a 2-D or isometric drawing and a new Shape Editor where you can create custom shapes for pumps, tanks, components and control valves.

Other new capabilities include the ability to copy and paste between piping system models, size a flow meter or balancing orifice and insert it into the piping system in a single step, view results instantly using the new AutoCalc feature.
Customers can establish a two way link between PIPE-FLO Professional and Microsoft Excel, customize the results on the FLO-Sheet and fly-by viewer, and change the system’s fluid properties in a lineup.

“We strive to provide our users with customizing opportunities so their systems can be as accurate as possible while making their jobs easier. We have been providing software solutions to engineers for nearly 25 years,” Hardee added. “With the latest enhancements, PIPE-FLO Professional remains the most streamlined and easiest-to-use hydraulic analysis program in the industry.”

The PIPE-FLO product line is used by designers and operators to gain a clear picture of their fluid piping systems. The program allows users to visualize their systems in a familiar format, calculate system operations, easily communicate the design with others and access supporting documents in electronic format.

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About Engineered Software, Inc. – Founded in 1982, Engineered Software, Inc. has created products that are known worldwide for high end-user satisfaction rates. The company has two award-winning product lines – PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO Solutions. Recognized as the best in the industry, the programs’ interface was developed and refined based on over 20 years of customer feedback. Engineered Software, Inc. has more than 5,500 clients worldwide across a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, chemical processing, engineering design and consulting, food and beverage, oil and petrochemical, mining and metals, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, wastewater collection and treatment and education.

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