Entertainment Visionaries Launch High Powered Success Program

Nov. 14, 2006 – This worldwide entertainment “machine” literally chews up and spits out highly talented actors, filmmakers, comedians, directors, producers and other prospective entertainment professionals every year. Starting on November 14, two entertainment visionaries are launching a no-cost, weekly telephone conference series focused on revealing success principles and secrets used by the most powerful and influential personalities in entertainment today.

This weekly hour long, radio-style teleconference program entitled “Entertainment Excellence” was born from the sheer frustration experienced by the program’s creators in recognizing the lack of opportunities for film industry and entertainment artists to excel, and the realization that most are simply unprepared when opportunities do present themselves. Special “drop-in” guests include some of Hollywood’s most powerful and prolific personalities.

“Success in entertainment or life itself is a mindset,” states Andy Duncan, founder and CEO of jForce Studios (formerly Icehouse Studios) in Toronto (http://www.jForceStudios.com). “Talent is only one piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to real and lasting success in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, there is a prolific notion that talent, in and of itself, will result in being ‘discovered’ and ultimate success is the result. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Duncan has teamed up with maverick comedy expert Steve Roye, another global entertainment visionary and strategist who has also experienced first-hand the tremendous need for success education, along with pragmatic, strategic thinking when it comes to reaching the next level in entertainment mastery (http://www.killerstandup.com).

“It’s called show business.” states Roye. “Without mastery of the business and the associated principles of success, there is no show. End of story – it doesn’t matter what part of entertainment you are trying to pursue.”

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