Entrepreneur Takes Bite Out of Dog Eat Dog World

Dec. 31, 2006 – After losing his job five times because of position elimination or corporate mergers and acquisitions, a North Carolina marketing executive has taken matters into his own hands.

Tired of the uncertainty of where the next foot would fall and the stress on himself and his family of starting over practically every year for the past several, Tom James decided to start his own business. PetTravelCenter.com is an online community that caters to pet lovers who take their beloved members of the family with them when they travel.

“There are no guarantees in any job,” James said, “but after having gone through job loss five times as the result of a shift in business direction or company mergers, I decided enough was enough. I realized there were too many things out of my control that were having a huge impact on my family and me.”

James, recently the director of marketing for two international companies, admits that even with owning one’s business there are lots of things that can affect success or failure. But in contemplating the decision, he felt the experience he had honed over his career could guide him through the challenges that will inevitably come.

James’s business venture provides information about pet-friendly hotels and destinations, RV parks, dog parks, campgrounds, recreational activities with pets, and offers general tips for traveling by various modes of transportation. The website also promotes articles by pet experts and sends a monthly newsletter to PTC Club members that contains even more benefits for the pet traveler.

In addition to the site’s vast resources, an e-commerce section offers pet travel-related products to its visitors. James notes that pet product manufacturers have introduced innovative travel products in recent years to ensure better safety for these special members of the family. Pet car seats, strollers, dog packs, travel bowls, leashes, harnesses, and seat belts are a sampling of the merchandise available.

“Our mission is simple,” James said. “We want to provide the most reliable information and resources for people traveling with their pets and to offer safe and dependable product solutions to make the pet travel experience fun and easy. We’re a dynamic, online community serving pet lovers everywhere,” he added.

Visit online at http://www.PetTravelCenter.com.

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