eOnWard Uses DataOne’s OEM Service Schedules to Increase Dealership Service Appointments and Revenue

DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a leading provider of automotive data and software solutions, today released a case study detailing eOnWard’s use of DataOne’s VIN decoding and OEM Service Schedules products to increase dealership service appointments and revenue.
Located in Seattle, Wash., eOnWard offers dealerships a defection management suite called “MyAutoCloud” that increases the effectiveness of dealership communication for its customers by optimizing their service-based email marketing efforts. Co-founders Matt Ward and Tom Noe have utilized their combined experience of over 40 years to bridge the gap between customer and dealer interactions in creating MyAutoCloud.
eOnWard chose DataOne to provide the accurate VIN decoding and OEM-compliant maintenance schedules they need to support their automated processes and timely consumer messaging. “There were only a few providers in the space that had OEM-compliant maintenance schedule information, and DataOne’s VIN decoding and maintenance schedule data are the most accurate and robust,” said Matt Ward.
“By using DataOne’s accurate VIN decoding and maintenance schedules along with our automated communication engine AutoPredict™, we are helping our dealerships average 40-47% email open rates, representing a 300-400% increase over current programs and leading to measurable conversions of 3-5 service appointments per day, ” commented Ward. “We can automate these processes and do it well because of the accuracy of DataOne’s vehicle data.”
“MyAutoCloud makes excellent use of our VIN decoding and comprehensive maintenance schedules to deliver a much needed service to dealerships,” said DataOne Software Business Development Manager Josh Pereira. “The suite automates the process of identifying and managing customer defection avenues, and places the dealership front and center at every defection point. Its timely and vehicle-specific messaging resonates well with consumers and correlates to real ROI and tangible, measurable results.”
Click on the link below to learn more about how eOnWard leverages DataOne’s VIN Decoder and OEM service schedules to create its defection management suite with a strong dealership ROI.
Case Study: DataOne / eOnWard
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eOnWard provides dealerships a defection management suite called MyAutoCloud. The suite includes products AutoPredict™, Connect2it™, @cquire™, ROI Engine™, Dealer Health Report and “New” Brake & Tire Sniper™ (Predictive Brake & Tire replacement engine) – all of which are designed to efficiently manage the relationship and communication between a dealership and its customers. The MyAutoCloud Mobile app provides consumers with the means to manage vehicle’s maintenance, insurance, extended warranty and roadside assistance while keeping the dealership front of mind. With eOnWard’s suite of products, communicating with your customers and seeing tangible results has never been easier. For more information, visit http://www.myautocloud.com.