European property “dented” by Southeast Asian Condo Hotel market

Nov. 12, 2006 – Beth Collingz, head of, says that new developments in South East Asian markets, such as the Philippines, have “dented” the “overall demand” for property in Europe specially the former eastern block countries of Bulgaria, Poland and Romania

However, the firm argues that the majority of off-plan-investors have left Europe and have chosen to develop property in the Philippines, increasing the demand for speculative investments in the country rather than houses.

Questioned whether would-be holiday home owners ought to consider the Philippines over Eastern Europe, Collingz said: “You get what you pay for and the Philippines has by far the better climate as well as fabulous resources, in terms of infrastructure and leisure facilities. In Eastern Europe they are far away from offering any comparison, Condo Hotel or Condotel Investments in the Philippines were more likely to deliver higher returns than in Bulgaria, Poland or Romania which no longer offer “instant gains”.

A would-be real estate investor at a conference in London in April said he’d researched the Philippines property market for five years, considering making a buy. Meantime, prices appreciated, maybe, 200% in that period. The market became too expensive for him and he never did act.

Another investor at a Real Estate Forum, explained that he’d been watching the market in the Philippines, for more than two years but was still uncertain as to whether or where to buy. He lamented the rate of appreciation of property values during those 24 months.

You must have the answers to the six primary factors to consider when making a real estate investment–and how each one affects your level of income:

1. Why you’re making the investment. Do you intend to use and enjoy the property? Or, are you only looking at the investment potential? That’s important to your initial outlay and your long-(or short-) term returns.

2. What’s your tolerance for risk? Learn your Risk Comfort Level, is this investment within those parameters?

3. Your options for financing. Cash or credit? Your answer helps determine your investment.

4. What fits well in your existing portfolio? To be well-balanced, your portfolio should have a range of assets including real estate–and your portfolio should include a range of properties.

5. Your level of experience in the market. Experience is the roughest teacher–because it gives the test before it gives the lesson.

6. Your desired level of involvement. Your level of participation will help you determine your type of investment.

Then act. Take a first step. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. Control the circumstances as much as possible. But don’t wait for a sign from above that the timing and the opportunity are ideal. The sign won’t come…and the market won’t wait. For a first deal you should probably invest no more than $50,000.

Here are some buys you could make right now with that budget:

1. A Freehold Studio Condotel Suite at the Lancaster Atrium Manila for Initial Property Appreciation Investment and Rental Income from 2010 in Metro Manila, Philippines. Floor Area 28.17 square meter [304sqft] at $1,518.00/sqm. Total Contract Price: USD 42,762.06. Pay Cash and take a full 20% discount [Save USD 8,552.41] on the unit price. Pay 90% Now [USD 30,788.68] and the remaining 10% [USD 3,420.96] on unit turnover from December 2009

2. A Freehold Studio Condotel Suite at the Lancaster Suites Manila for Rental Income from 2007 in Metro Manila, Philippines. Floor Area of 27.23 square meters [293sqft] at $1,618.00/sqm. Total Contract Price: USD 44,058.14 [Tax Exempt]. Pay Cash and take a 10% discount on the Contract Price. Save USD 4,405.81 Pay 90% of the contract price now [USD 35,687.09] and the remaining 10% balance [USD 3,965.23] on unit turnover from March 2007

3. A Freehold Studio Condotel Suite at the Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences for rental income from 2007 in Cebu, Philippines. Fully Furnished Studio 36.5625sqm [395sqft] $1,507.00/sqm USD 55,099.69. Pay Cash and take a full 10% discount [Save USD 5,509.96] Pay Reservation [USD 1,820.00] and Cash Balance within 30 days [USD 47,769.72] for an Effective Total Cash Price of USD 49,589.72. Immediate Occupancy

— End —