Eva Kowalski Launches Ambitious Memoir About Becoming Jewish on Indiegogo

Author seeks support through crowdfunding for a memoir about Judaism, which presents a new and compelling perspective on the faith and culture.

Los Angeles, CA, July 29, 2015 –(PR.com)– Becoming Jewish is a memoir from former journalist, Eva Kowalski – a Polish Catholic woman who was born in the country where a majority of Jews lived for centuries leading up to one of the worst human crimes in history – the Holocaust, yet growing up in Australia, she didn’t know what a “Jew” was and had never met a Jewish person till later in life.

At the age of 24 while working as a military journalist for the Navy she interviewed a Rabbi from the Chaplain’s Department for an article about a Rabbi’s Perspective on the Holocaust during the Days of Remembrance. She’s now opening up and sharing the story of her journey towards Judaism.

Her life story is epic and fascinating from her struggles with immigration, living on a mountain in Lake Arrowhead during her legal non-existence in the United States to successfully appealing her immigration case only to find herself in a Section 8 apartment in a sketchy part of downtown LA. Through the discovery of Judaism she was able to overcome an existential crisis and set her life straight.

Only 2% of the Jewish population are converts, so that makes this story highly unique from the perspective of the minority of a minority. There are lots of stories about people overcoming addiction and abuse through Christianity, but this is the first time we’ve heard of Judaism being the religion of choice to overcome adversity and personal struggle.

The author is still not out of her bohemian rut and is appealing to the public through Indiegogo (http://igg.me/at/BecomingJewish/x/11404399). She launched the campaign last week.

Eva Kowalski said, “This memoir aims to present Judaism in a positive light, which may even help dispel some of the negative stereotypes that currently exist.”

By supporting the crowdfunding campaign you can be a part of this literary movement, which has high aims of “starting a spiritual revolution centered on kindness, tolerance, equality and Tikkun Olam (a call to heal and repair the world). God knows the world needs it!” said Kowalski.
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