Event ‘visitors’ To Soar With Attend.tv Launch

Nov. 20, 2006 – A revolutionary new service was launched this week that allows exhibitors to have their stand broadcast to a potential audience of millions globally. Attend.TV (www.attend.tv) takes film crews and presenters to exhibitions, shows and conferences, and then broadcasts that footage allowing prospective customers around the world to ‘virtually’ visit their stand.

Attend.TV’s presenters take the visitor through every aspect of the stand, including a general overview of the company, demonstrations of core products or services, and interviews with key spokespeople. Footage from each event is then subsequently hosted on a dedicated channel online for those who weren’t able to visit the stand or event in person. An added benefit is that each company filmed can also show the resulting edited video directly to potential clients, via a player added to its own website.

Although exhibition, conference and show footage is the mainstay of the business, Attend.TV also offers a number of add-on benefits for both commercial and personal use:

• Businesses can upload their own footage of exhibition stands, conferences, catwalk shows etc – this service is being offered free of charge for an initial period post launch
• Exhibition organisers themselves can promote future events, as well as extending the life of current or recent shows
• Non-business footage is also welcomed – so bands with videos of a recent concert, or newlyweds’ videos for relatives in Australia are catered for also

The Attend.TV concept was originated and developed by Bryan Wilkes: “For years I’ve attended countless exhibitions and events all over the world, both as an exhibitor and visitor, and I became aware of the frustration of sometimes unavoidably missing important events. What Attend.TV offers is a chance for the exhibitors to show their wares to a global audience, but also for those people who couldn’t make the event to see the best bits.”

So what are the parameters for uploading footage onto Attend.TV? “The only caveat is that the subject should be something you can actually attend,” says Bryan Wilkes. “So that could be a fashion show, press conference or product launch for businesses, or weddings, bar mitzvahs or birthday parties for everyone else. Be it at work or play, there is always a bigger audience for an event than that which actually attends.”

The Attend.TV website is divided into channels and programmes to improve visitor navigation. In addition to the main business channels, there are numerous specialist vertical channels (fashion, motor trade, health & fitness etc) each offering visitors the chance to upload their own footage. Each channel contains a full programme listing with search facilities to make it easy to find videos of particular interest, be that commercial or personal footage.

Exhibitors filmed by Attend.TV’s crew will typically pay £999 per video, including all filming, editing and uploading, however during the business’ introductory period this is being offered at £499*. Attend.TV will also be accepting uploads free of charge for this period, although a nominal charge will apply thereafter. When Attend.TV visits an event, exhibitors have an opportunity to pre-book a filming slot and the event organisers receive a commission for each client.


* Prices are not set and may vary

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