Ever Want To Be a Travel Writer?

Nov. 28, 2006 – Santa Clara, California – Now is your chance to try your hand at travel writing. Geogad, Inc., which creates and distributes free downloadable MP3 walking tours for popular travel destinations, is harnessing the power of Web 2.0 to create its next free MP3 tour for Jack the Ripper’s London.

The Geogad Mobile Tour of Jack the Ripper’s London is the first walking tour to be written using Web 2.0 collaborative techniques. Web 2.0 is transforming the Internet by giving everyone a chance to create the content that is delivered over the Net. Customers are no long passively downloading information; they are creating it. This giant collaboration among people with a variety of talents is leading to better and more interesting content for everyone.


Geogad Mobile Tour of Jack the Ripper’s London is being written in a collaborative Web 2.0 effort at the Geogad Travel Tour Wiki at http://geogad.pbwiki.com/. Interested writers can take part by contacting Geogad at the Feedback link on the Geogad web site at http://www.geogad.com.


The completed Geogad Mobile Tour of Jack the Ripper’s London will explain the London of 1888 that spawned the infamous killer known only by his nickname, Jack the Ripper. The tour will introduce his unwitting victims and will describe their gruesome murders while it leads the traveler to the real world locations where their bodies were found. The Geogad Mobile Tour will review some of the most popular suspects and explain why they may be Jack.

Over 100 years after his killing spree, Jack the Ripper is still the most famous serial killers. The Geogad Mobile Tour of Jack the Ripper’s London will be a must-do for all travelers to London’s East End, especially if it is the traveler’s first visit to this fascinating London neighborhood.

Geogad’s collection of free MP3-based audio and image self-guided walking tours are virtual tour guides for busy, independent travelers. In these days of non-stop action and tight schedules, travelers can optimize their limited travel time by downloading these free tours and walking the tour when they find some time during their day. Travelers will enjoy the detailed local history and tour information, as they would receive from an expensive, personal guide but in a fun, non-stressful way on their schedules. Travelers will be able to download this Geogad Mobile Tour for free from the Geogad website at http://www.geogad.com to their favorite mobile MP3 player, whether it is on a cell phone, a portable music player, or a portable computer.


Geogad, Inc. is a private company based in Santa Clara in California’s Silicon Valley. Geogad helps travelers explore the world by making digital tours that are fun and easy to use. News and information about Geogad are available at http://www.geogad.com.

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