Executive Employers Explains How Companies are Choosing Executive Candidates in 2015

Executive Employers, a recruiting firm that helps corporations hire qualified employees and individuals find their ideal jobs, recently announced the launch of its latest blog post, “Daniel Whitehurst On How to Find the Right Executive Candidate in 2015 – Executive Placements Are More Diverse Than Ever.” In the post, Whitehurst, the company’s Vice President of recruiting, gave a glimpse into the executive employee industry by discussing the rise of executive placements in 2015.
According to the Daniel Whitehurst Executive Employers post, the U.S. economy is at a stable rate of recovery, and American companies are reaping the benefits through more customer demand and improving revenues. Whitehurst explains that rising economic trends and c-level suite level executive placements have always correlated, but in today’s economy, such placements are even more diverse than usual. As a result, there is no specific way to determine a particular method that companies use to select their executive candidates.
In a survey conducted by Executive Employers, the company reported that most executives credited “innovative executive marketing” with helping them find the best opportunities. The 2015 climate points to executive placement lying in the hands of the candidate, which means that there is tougher competition for jobs. Whitehurst explains that the executive job market now boils down to survival of the fittest.
“In 2015, as surprising as it may seem, there are executive candidates who refuse to adjust, diversify, and innovate the way they market themselves to potential opportunities,” stated Daniel Whitehurst. “But there is also a much larger and smarter pool of executive candidates that are taking every efficient step required to gain a competitive edge over the net candidate knowing the difference between a hire and a turndown could be a matter of metaphorical inches.”
The Executive Employers VP of Recruiting believes that the finance, technology, and healthcare sectors will experience the highest placement rates this year, but said that executive placement numbers will rise across all industries. He credits this to companies having bigger departmental budgets.
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