Factor Finders Announces Record Month for New Factoring Leads

Factor Finders is thrilled to announce the company’s biggest month ever. For the first time since its launch, the invoice factoring service provider received in excess of 200 incoming leads. Thanks to a combination of inbound marketing efforts and a dedicated network of co-brokers, Factor Finders received 217 new factoring leads in June.
Factor Finders is pleased to have referred deals to 39 different invoice factoring companies. Referrals spanned a variety of industries such as transportation, manufacturing, staffing, healthcare, engineering, construction and B2B service providers.
June referrals include:
A Greenville, SC manufacturing facility with $200,000 in monthly billings
A Chicago, IL trucking company with $150,000 in monthly billings
A Minneapolis, MN trucking company with $100,000 in monthly billings
A Boston, MA biotech research firm with $70,000 in monthly billings
A Detroit, MI start-up temporary staffing agency with $5,000 in weekly billings
Factor Finders is a B2B funding intermediary that matches business owners with the best factoring company for their unique needs. Founded by a seasoned factoring professional, Factor Finders understands the needs of small businesses and uses that expertise to identify the optimal funding source for clients. Visit http://www.factorfinders.com for more information about Factor Finders’ invoice factoring services.