F&D Reports / FDARMS Releases Top Full-Line Grocery Retailer Ranking

Industry-leading credit consulting firm Information Clearinghouse, Inc. (ICI), through its F&D Reports division and sister company FDARMS, has released its annual Top Full-Line Grocery Retailer Ranking, which positions the top retailers by annual grocery sales as well as geographically in an interactive map, offering direct access to each company’s profiles and payment trending.
In efforts to contend with mounting competition and price-sensitive consumers, the supermarket sector is currently in a period of extensive consolidation, with many retailers trimming store counts and exploring alternate store sizes and formats. Some grocers have weathered the changing economic and consumer environment better than others. The Top Full-Line Grocery Retailer Ranking provides insight into how the industry players stack up against their direct competitors for the consumers’ food dollars. Additional highlights include each company’s domestic store count, operating area and ARMS Payment Score (APS), which evaluates trade payment behavior using a proprietary scoring model based on direct submissions from suppliers of monthly accounts receivable data.
To view the complimentary Top Full-Line Grocery Retailer Ranking, please visit the Retail Market Reports website, which offers expert insight into a variety of industries, companies, market trends and competitive landscapes via instant access to comprehensive sales- and marketing-focused reports.
Commenting on the report, Lawrence Sarf, CEO of ICI, stated, “We have offered an annual ranking of retail supermarkets for years; however, this latest update introduces an interactive map which allows the user visualization of each retailer’s geographic footprint and competitive overlap. Although our core client discipline is Treasury/Finance, we are receiving extremely positive feedback from Sales, Marketing and Trade Spending executives when they are given access to this tool.”
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