FDA’s indecision keeps Acomplia away from US shores

Dec. 16, 2006 – Though Acomplia has not been approved for sale in the US by FDA as of yet, the manufacturer of it, Sanofi-Aventis is contemplating its approval in near future. The FDA is not happy with the clinical trials done for Acomplia as a treatment for having weight loss. And it is the reason why, its introduction in the US market is postponed. The manufacturer of it is pitching that the UK has given approval for sale of the drug but the Americans are being denied of using this diet pill by the FDA.

On the prolonged wait for Acomplia in the US, Dr. Samuel Griffith remarked “Obese in the US are losing a great opportunity as they are unable to find a drug that can really work like Acomplia. The FDA’s inability to say yes or no to the drug is keeping the introduction of the drug the US hanging in the fire.”

The above statement from Dr. Griffith is an important statement as that makes FDA guilty of lengthening the approval process of the drug. While many obese individuals in the UK are benefiting from the drug, the obese individuals in the US are being denied of that facility.

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