Feedtext Inc. Launches Corporate Website and Corporate Blog

Nov. 22, 2006 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA. November 15, 2006 – Feedtext Inc., a content provider based in San Francisco, proudly announces the launch of their company’s website (http://www.feedtext.com) donning a new look and the birth of their corporate blog, The Feedtext Blog (http://blog.feedtext.com).

Feedtext.com now serves like a portal to all the products and services the company is offering to their market. The products found on their current roster are SMSJock (http://www.smsjock.com), a web-based application for radio stations geared to increase radio-listener interaction, and Moblabber (http://www.moblabber.com), a web to mobile broadcast tool, which aims to provide users with a venue to discuss their common interests online and mobile.

There are products seen on the site but are still in the works and will soon be launched, Hobnobster (http://www.hobnobster.com), and Ringtone Deck (http://www.ringtonedeck.com).

The Feedtext Blog, the official blog of Feedtext Inc., will be a place for customers, business partners and industry players to educate, speculate and mingle among themselves. It also aims to share information on company movements, key industry news, and a relatively large dose of commentary on key areas within, but not limited to, the web and mobile services industry, managed by their corporate blogger, Sasha Manuel.

“We recognize the importance of communication, that’s why we are in this business,” Vince T. Yamat, CEO of Feedtext, Inc., explains. “By creating different avenues wherein we can interact with all our customers, adapting a mentality that this company is fueled by the passion to communicate, gives us a sense of satisfaction that we can address their needs better, effectively improve our product and services and, hopefully, rightfully exceed their expectations.”

Feedtext Inc. is a web and mobile entertainment company that develops consumer and business applications for media companies and wireless carriers in North America. The company also offers other services such as chat, community applications, interactive TV applications and mobile entertainment storefronts.

For more information, please visit the website at www.feedtext.com or call +1 415.839.0091.

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