Fertell: The First Home Fertility Testing Kit for Couples Now available Over the Counter

Dec. 19, 2006 – Genosis plc has launched Fertell, the first home fertility testing kit for couples. Fertell, an over the counter kit containing both male and female fertility testing devices will enable couples trying to conceive to identify fertility problems earlier. Fertell is available exclusively in Boots stores nationwide and in the Republic of Ireland.

Fertell provides couples with the ability to assess their fertility in their own home and then seek medical help if needed. The new kit, which is over 95 per cent accurate,1 will help ease the referral process by providing reassurance for couples or identifying problems which require further investigation.

The Fertell female fertility test measures ovarian reserve by detecting Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) levels in day 3 urine. The Fertell Male Fertility Test measures the concentration of motile sperm, a key indicator of sperm quality. In the past the technology used in these tests was only available in a laboratory. Fertell allows couples to use this technology in their own home.

Fertility issues affect one in seven couples in the UK and the total number of people with difficulty conceiving is estimated to be 1,750,000.2 Current guidelines governing referrals for fertility testing advise that GPs should recommend couples for investigation in certain circumstances. The guidelines state that people who have not conceived after one year of regular unprotected sexual intercourse should be offered further clinical investigation, but with many couples leaving it later in life to start a family, earlier detection of fertility issues may lead to higher rates of conception.

According to a recent survey, GPs are in favour of OTC fertility testing. Two thirds of GPs polled stated that they would recommend a fertility testing kit to their patients.2 In addition, 87 per cent confirmed that they would refer couples on after problems identified with home testing.3

Commenting on Fertell, Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP from Shepherds Bush said, ‘Fertell will help streamline the referral process by providing a preliminary option for patients worried about conceiving. Until now, patients have needed to consult their GP in order to be referred for fertility testing – now they can go to the pharmacy and use a kit in the privacy of their own home. If couples use Fertell, those who have a favourable result are reassured quickly and this may help in reducing unnecessary referrals.’

She continued ‘It should also help in early identification of couples who may have problems conceiving and enable them to have access to treatments to increase the likelihood of successful conception.’

According to the GPs surveyed, and in line with recent statistics, a significant proportion of fertility problems are due to a male factor.3, 4 However, men are less likely to consult their GP than women.5 Fertell helps to overcome the problem of male reluctance to consult by offering a convenient way for men to test their fertility levels at home. If problems are identified using Fertell, men may be more willing to go to the GP for further investigation.

Genosis plc is a medical device company with innovative proprietary technology for the measurement of certain fertility issues.

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