Fiefé Launches the "Shadows Collection" in Paris

Paris, France, May 16, 2015 –(– Fiefé launches the “Shadows Collection,” in Paris, France. The “Shadows Collection” is the second in a series of luxury, couture scarfs from Fiefé.

Fiefé is a luxury, personalized fashion brand originating from Soho, New York now expanding it’s unique sense of fashion to Paris. True to brand’s 1920’s Paris inspired style of personalized, couture fashion, Fiefé has embarked on launching and expanding their couture scarf collection to Parisians and europeans with the “Shadows Collection.”

According to Fiefe´ designer, Alen, “This new collection, the ‘Shadows Collection’ represents the evolution of the brand” which produced it’s first scarf after she returned to New York from Paris in early spring, 2014. “During my trip, I was inspired by the French love of scarfs and as a result of that experience, as well as my admiration for 1920s French fashion, Fiefé was born.”

The brand decided to stay true to its French roots by launching the “Shadows Collection” in Paris. With a mix of luxury silk and shiffon fabrics, this double layering of fabrics in one design gives each scarf the illusion of “Shadows.” “These shadows are not only real when looking at the details in the each scarf, ‘Shadows’ is metaphoric for the conscious and unconscious sides of existence,” says Alen. “And, with the ‘Shadows Collection’ as a fashion accessory, a person notices how the design of these pieces reflects light giving each scarf it’s unique feel, texture and color based on the outfit, light and occasion.”

Fiefé is a company formed under the umbrella of providing personalized, luxury service to discerning clients who care for beauty, style and fashion but understands that personal care and a well meaning spirit not only accentuates their sense of self, it also makes you feel good. “There no worst feeling for lovers of fashion than paying hundreds of dollars on a ‘big brand’ scarf that was produced in a factory somewhere you never heard of, by people who have little interest or care for you as a customer. Even worse, knowing that your very pricey scarf was duplicated probably one million times (depending how big the brand name) does not reflect your individuality,” noted Alen. Continuing she commented, “At Fiefé, our goal is to always be ‘new’ and ‘innovation’. I believe this is one of the many reasons why a customer should own a Fiefé scarf. Coupled with the fact that Fiefé does not put any logos on it’s products ensures the quality and uniqueness of what Fiefé offers.

At Fiefe´, “we also understand that the energy that goes into producing a scarf goes a long way in how you feel when wearing it,” said Alen, who worked with a few New York designers and studied at ESMOD, Paris. While working on the “Shadows Collection” she was inspired by the phrase “When You’re Dressed Right, Nothing Can Take Away Your Love” which Fiefé has coined as a slogan for the “Shadows Collection.”

This collection is only a sample of the design potential of the company. A customer can also design their own scarf with a mixture of designs from this collection. A customer can ask Fiefé to design a scarfs for a special occasion as when Fiefé specially designed a matching scarf and tie set for a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Shop at Fiefé online store ( or contact them directly to place an order. Scarfs in the “Shadows Collection” range from 200 Euros – 1,000 Euros and can be made in any length or size to fit the customers needs.
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