Finally a Solution to the Crisis of Missing Last Wills and Testaments

The U.S. Will Registry is an online will registry looking to drastically eliminate the problem of wills that are lost, or presumed most current, to ensure that all the wishes of the deceased are followed.
To ensure that every will is registered, The U.S. Will Registry now offers attorneys and the public free will registrations with many unique and innovative benefits.
A last will and testament are ineffective if families can’t find them at the appropriate time. The U.S. Will Registry is the only national central database created to serve attorneys and the public in registering and locating a missing will. The actual will is not registered, only the location of the will and the name of the attorney who prepared the will. To maintain privacy and confidentiality once a search is performed, a death certificate must be received by the Registry before releasing any information.
“With the help of an online will registry, the concern over a lost will vanishes,” said Stacey Jerome-Miller of The U.S. Will Registry. “By registering wills online, loved ones of the deceased know exactly where to find the document without delay.”
At the age of 97, Roman Blum, a real estate developer and Holocaust survivor, died in 2012 without a will that anyone could locate. Mr. Blum became famous in a short period of time as his New York estate was worth $40 million, and he had no known living family members. As a result of the failure of Mr. Blum to write a will or leave one where it could be located, the state of New York may receive this money. “Situations such as this happen too often and can be easily prevented,” said Miller. While parents and partners should have more open discussions on the matter, the subject still remains taboo.
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