Financial Organizations Turn to Halogen Performance Management Suite to Address Challenges

Nov. 20, 2006 – OTTAWA- November 20, 2006- Halogen Software Inc., the leading provider of Web-based employee performance management (EPM) software announced today that Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company and Bank of Oak Ridge (NASDAQ CM: BKOR) have joined the nearly 60 financial companies that are now realizing the many benefits of the easy-to-use Halogen EPM suite. Human Resources (HR) professionals in the financial services sector are faced with a number of unique challenges including regulatory compliance, the distributed nature of employees and high turnover in customer-facing roles. Halogen’s EPM suite provides HR professionals with a practical and affordable means to deliver professional employee appraisals, assessments and compensation adjustments that align with organizational goals, while creating significant cost savings and greater efficiency.

Financial services organizations are increasingly subject to both federal and state regulations, which impact HR. The Halogen suite enables a rapidly growing number of financial organizations to more easily achieve accreditation compliance, in part by ensuring that compliance expectations are communicated to, understood by and adhered to by all employees.

Founded in Farmington Hills, Michigan nearly a century ago, Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company provides businesses with property and casualty insurance. The organization was dissatisfied with its paper-based appraisal system, so with the assistance of a consulting firm, narrowed a list of possible vendors. From that list, Halogen stood out due to its sophisticated functionality and ease-of-use.

“Halogen provides our managers with a simple tool to monitor their groups and track the percentage of completed appraisals. As the process evolves, HR has the means to increase the contact and communication between employees and managers,” said John Clough, Director of Compensation and Benefits with Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company. “This on-going and free communication gives us the ability to adjust employee objectives as circumstances change in a department or in the organization.”

Not only does the Halogen solution add value to the appraisal process, enabling financial organizations to better communicate organizational needs and giving managers a clear view of the progress of appraisals, the solution makes the whole process easier and less time consuming for everyone. The Halogen suite removes administrative tasks from HR and is quick and easy to learn, use and implement.

Bank of Oak Ridge, with offices located in Oak Ridge, Summerfield and Greensboro North Carolina combines local decision making with big bank technology. The Bank has earned a reputation as a high-quality financial services provider as a result of the talent of its people and the relationships they build with customers. The Bank struggled with the limitations of its out-dated appraisal system and began a search that led it to Halogen.

“I wanted a system that would drive itself rather than requiring us to track the process manually. The solution had to allow managers to concentrate on the content of the review rather than the review process and we needed to be able to get it up and running quickly,” said Wanda Ladd, Director of HR with new financial customer Bank of Oak Ridge. “The entire implementation process across our five locations went very smoothly and quickly. It was incredible.”

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