Find, Fix, and Sell, New Real Estate DVD for Investing

Nov. 21, 2006 – Find, Fix, and Sell New Real Estate DVD for Investing

Investors Learn the Following: What Price to Pay, Where to Find Property, What Kind of Property to Buy, What Kind of Sellers to Find, and How to Exit the Property, Rent or Sell

National Real Estate Network’s number one ranked real estate speaker, Mark Maupin – “Mr. Lease Option” – has announced the impending release of his latest training program “Find, Fix and Sell.” The new video-based training program is based on Mr. Maupin’s “Find, Fix and Sell” seminar. Mr. Maupin explained, “Our new DVD set is designed for those who missed the original learning experience but still want to learn how to succeed in the real estate market.” The five DVD set is designed for people with varying levels of experience in real estate investing, including investors who are interested only in rental properties. The video program gives detailed information about how to find and price property, negotiate buys, do self-marketing, title property, fix and rehabilitate property, find experienced sub-contractors, and create exit strategies for selling and lease options.

Mr. Maupin’s considerable knowledge of real estate, covers every aspect from marketing and finance to construction and remodeling. His grasp of the potential of real estate has enabled him to develop innovative marketing and business concepts for his organization. As one of the founders of the National Real Estate Network. He continues to further his education and learning whenever possible and encourages other investors to so. Mr. Maupin conducts ongoing real estate investing seminars, as well as a real estate mentoring program. “The greater your base of knowledge, the more opportunities you will be able to identify,” he recently told an audience of investors.

Commercial real estate expert, Pat Winter, recently told an audience, “Mark Mau pin’s Find Fix and Sell program contains lots of ‘how-to’ information for purchasing and rehabbing residential homes, as well as great exit strategies.” For more information about “Find, Fix and Sell” and other related products, go to

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