FINE Recognized as 8th Most Powerful Arab Brand Name According to Forbes

Dec. 13, 2006 – Amman, Jordan (December 2006) – FINE Hygienic Paper Co. LTD, Jordan’s leading provider of hygiene and toiletry products, was recognized as one of the top ranking Arab brands for the year 2006. This recognition was granted to FINE by “Forbes,” an internationally renowned business magazine that highlights the latest developments seen in markets around the world.

The award was presented to FINE in recognition of the brand’s ability to affect consumer behavior and markets across the region. The list included other regional brand names all recognized for their impact on the markets they operate within. According to the Forbes list, FINE was ranked 8th out of the other top winning 40 regional brands including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Al Mara’i Al Arabiya, and Al Jazeera news agency.

FINE was short listed by Forbes’s judging committee amongst other competing brands on account of its high quality range of luxury tissue paper, the high standards of quality its products enjoy, its ability to compete on a regional scale, the wide distribution of its products, and last but not least its high level of competitiveness amongst other international brands of similar products.

Commenting on the notable achievement, FINE’s Vice Chairman Mr. Ghassan Nuqul said, “It gives us great pride to win this prestigious international award.
This achievement only serves to highlight the competitive edge that FINE and its product line-up hold in terms of quality and innovation. We lead in excellence and this award is a testament to that. We stand out from the rest, despite the fierce competition we face in the regional market. We believe that this is due to FINE’s commitment to being everyone’s companion for life. We are confident that we will continue to stand out in the market as long as we are committed to implement the highest standards of quality and innovation in our methods of production, and we are always close to our consumer; showing that Fine is the caring product that they can trust throughout the years”

It is important to note that FINE achieved several other prestigious awards over the past few years, for it was recognized as winner of the SUPERBRANDS award for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. FINE was also recognized as the provider of “Best Toiletry Products” across the region according to Retail News Middle East magazine. It was also granted the Environmental Health & Safety Award for the year 2006 by Jabal Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). This award was granted to the firm for its contribution to the environmental wellbeing within JAFZA.

Mr. Nuqul added that FINE continuously strives to meet its customers’ demands and to further exceed them by employing international standards of quality. “We strive to always have a strong market presence in both local and regional markets and we hope to achieve this goal only through ensuring that our products come with the highest standards of comfort for communities across the region. We have recently expanded our operations to include the markets of Sudan and Morocco; where we will employ the same standards of excellence as we employ in all the other arenas we operate within. This isn’t the first award we achieve at FINE and we hope that it won’t be our last, for such achievements serve as our source of inspiration.” he said.

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