First Ever Home Fertility Test Kit for Couples now Available from Boots

Nov. 27, 2006 – With one in seven couples experiencing problems conceiving, and the total number in the UK estimated to be in the region of 1,750,000 , Genosis has launched Fertell, the first ever home fertility test kit for both men and women. It is available over-the-counter at Boots stores nationwide and can be used at home in complete privacy.

With age the number one factor affecting fertility, early detection of any potential issue is an important step in helping couples to achieve their dream of having a baby. Currently, couples experiencing difficulties conceiving have to wait 12 months before undergoing doctor-led tests to pinpoint potential issues. But many people, particularly men, may feel embarrassed about undertaking intimate tests within a clinical environment. Fertell can help couples to take control of their fertility. If the tests highlight there are a potential issues, they can take the results of the tests straight to their GP. The recommended retail price for Fertell is £59.99.

One couple who has first hand experience of fertility-related issues is Gabby & Kenny Logan. As Gabby explains: “We’d definitely have used Fertell if it had been around when we were trying. I like the fact that it’s a test for both of you, and it gives you answers , at home. It’s a great first step that doesn’t involve doctors. This test can be reassuring – if everything is OK, then you can feel relaxed about trying for a bit longer, but if it’s not, you can go back to your doctor and talk about starting some tests straight away. I think it could also be useful for couples before they even start trying; this kit can let you know if there are any issues involved and whether you’d be better not putting it off at all.”

Kenny adds: “I’ve had three sperm tests in total over the past three years and I’m open about it – there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Having said that, it would have been so much easier to do it in private at home rather than in a room at a clinic which wasn’t a great experience! Plus, with Fertell, the results are instant so there’s no agony of waiting. I think lots of guys would welcome a chance to do this test for their own peace of mind. It solves the issue of uncertainty and that’s what can cause tension between couples. Getting pregnant is a team effort!”

Trials of the female test have been conducted by Charles Kingsland, Consultant Gynecologist at Liverpool Women’s Hospital who comments: “It’s a breakthrough product that takes the technology from laboratory and brings it to the high street. The important thing to be aware of is that it works differently from anything that is out there currently. For women the device is used in a similar way to a pregnancy test and assesses the quality of the eggs she releases and the result is given in 30 minutes.”

The male test has been developed in conjunction with Professor Chris Barratt of the University of Birmingham who comments: “It takes established technology, usually employed in the laboratory, and embodies that know-how into a simple format. All the man has to do is produce a sample, push a button and twist a switch and he will be able to assess that he has enough sperm that can swim to fertilise an egg. He will get the results in about one hour. Fifty per cent of all cases of infertility are due to male factors and this test can indicate early on if there is potentially a problem with the man that indicates the couple should seek advice. This is particularly important given that many couples are choosing to defer childbearing until later in life.”

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