FirstClose Announces Ability for Lenders to Take Loan Apps and Deliver “Instant” Underwriting Results to Borrowers and Loan Officers in Tandem

First Lenders Data, Inc. (FirstClose) has announced that it is now offering lenders that ability to co-brand consumer facing websites that enable lenders to take loan applications and deliver instant underwriting results to their customers and loan officers at the same time.
Built to streamline the entire loan origination and underwriting process, lenders utilizing a FirstClose™ co-branded website can deliver what no other lenders can offer…instant and accurate underwriting information delivered simultaneously to the two primary parties interested in closing the loan. Designed to operate in cooperation with a lender’s marketing department, lenders simply email or otherwise market promotional codes to prospective borrowers that enable consumers to pull an instant FirstClose Report™ for free.
Lenders pay for the FirstClose Report™ as part of their standard settlement service fees, but the information needed to make an informed underwriting decision is available to the loan officer, processor, and consumer instantaneously.
Critical underwriting data made available on these instant FirstClose Reports™ include; FICO/credit scores, the current market value of the property, a life of loan flood zone certificate, the vested owner’s name, liens, judgments, and other encumbrances, copies of the deed or mortgage, LTV, CLTV, Debt to Income ratios, historical photos of the property, APN/Tax ID numbers, current mortgages and balances, the existing lenders’ names, the legal description, high and low value ranges, confidence scores, tax assessed values, sales history, sales trends and graphs, the square footage of the property, the year it was built, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, census tract data, satellite images, and more.
Marketed as “know what the lenders know,” consumers and lenders alike derive multiple benefits from the program, but primarily benefit from increased information flow and decreased time to pre-qualify borrowers and close the loans.
“Our consumer facing, co-branded, websites are designed to help lenders increase their pipeline, allow for consumers to get a full and accurate picture of where they stand in the loan origination process, and systematically reduce closing times and costs to the benefit of both lender and borrower. When a consumer and loan officer can both instantly see the market value, property and title search data, and other credit related elements of lending, they are just as part of the process as the lenders. We are excited to see the response we receive from these websites,” stated Tedd R. Smith, CEO of FirstClose.
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About and First Lenders Data, Inc. (FirstClose)
First Lenders Data, Inc. (FirstClose), a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2000, the company provides cutting-edge technology solutions to mortgage lenders nationwide. FirstClose™ is a proprietary software platform designed to deliver mortgage lenders end-to-end solutions from loan application to closing.
FirstClose is home of The FirstLook Report™ and The FirstClose Report™, the first instantaneous and guaranteed owners and encumbrance property report with a life of loan flood certification, current market value, interior and exterior photos of the property, copy of the deed, liens, judgments, transaction history, subject property data, tax information, and lien protection insurance, all delivered within seconds, within one report.
FirstClose offers lenders their choice of nationally recognized providers as well as local vendors. Services available include; credit reports, automated valuation models (AVMs), guaranteed AVMs, AVM validation, desktop appraisals, 2055 drive-by appraisals, full 1004 appraisals, BPOs, flood determinations, limited title searches, owners and encumbrance reports, legal and vesting reports, lien protection insurance, lien reports, title insurance, income verification, tax tracking services, document preparation, fraud detection, closing services, recording services, loan origination system integrations, and more. For more information on FirstClose products and services, visit the company’s web site at or call 1-877-677-3282.